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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rush again

My profile of Geoffrey Rush, post-Tony Award, is in today's Australian.

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Paul Martin said...

Anyone who has seen Rush on stage will know he is first of all an animal of the theatre, at his best at play in his natural habitat. And the Tony, the final jewel in Rush's crown, is perhaps the award that most justly reflects his talent.

I agree, Alison. I often find his onscreen performances too theatrical, though in the case of Shine it worked to great effect and his Oscar was well-deserved.

Unlike Russell Crowe or Nicole Kidman, Rush has never embraced the celebrity circus of Hollywood. Really? I can't say that I've noticed any of those actors embracing celebrity. If anything, each seems to be uncomfortable with it.

BTW, Terminus came in the mail today; god knows when I'll find the time to look at it. Has