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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bits everywhere

Ms TN is showing signs of wear and tear. (Not the usual ones that are to do with aging gracelessly, which would be ok...) Anyway, what with leaving things in taxis, almost reviewing half a play and various other symptoms of distraction, it's clear that I've failed dismally in my major New Year's Resolution, to wit, to find some balance in my life - or, more properly, lives. (The sign of total discombobulation is when I lose my wallet, which I've done without fail in moments of great stress: oddly, the God of Lost Objects has given it back every time, even when I left it on top of a public phone at Plymouth Station, a grim temple to junkiedom, at 11.30pm one memorable night...I'm not at the wallet-losing stage yet, and planning not to get there - the god is probably running out of patience and will probably refuse to give my mind back.)

Next week, in one of my other lives, I'm starting a full-time creative development, so I'm going to be kind to me and pull back playgoing to the minimum - that is, what I'm obliged to do for the Australian. I'll be posting minimally, but you needn't fear there will be lack of reading material. I'm planning a long overdue catch-up on Other Blogs and Items of Interest. In the meantime, please forgive any unintentional loopiness.

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