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Monday, June 08, 2009

Go Geoffrey!

Yes, a little bit of parochial preening is in order. Our Geoffrey just won the Tony for best actor for his role in the Broadway run of Exit the King - which premiered at our very own Malthouse, of course, in a Belvoir St co-production. What larks, eh?

Meanwhile, my review of the Broadway show Avenue Q is in today's Australian.


Anonymous said...

Preen on, Alison! It's a feelgood moment.

Kate Foy said...

And I understand he's one of only 14 to grab the 'triple crown' in the US: Oscar, Tony, Emmy.


PS Queenslander.

Kate Foy said...

... nope, our Geoffrey is the 17th, but he got his on first try every time.

Even noicer!

Unknown said...

A brilliant achievement for a great artist. Perhaps some day we will get politicians evolved enough to publicly acknowledge the importance to the nation of the contribution of a man like this rather than the gormless Kev just wanting photo ops with movie stars and their babies.

Alison Croggon said...

He's actually the 16th actor to win the triple crown, and of course the first Australian. But those of us who've watched Rush over the years always knew how good he is...! Yes, if only Kev really did appreciate the arts, rather than the perceived glamour.

James Antonas said...

Meh...people in Australia don't really care about the Tony Awards anyway...only theatrical people...which Average Joe is going to remember in three years time that Geoffrey Rush won a Tony...or an Emmy for that matter?? But will they remember his Oscar...yes indeed, every man/woman and his/her dog saw Shine. True, film is a medium that has a much wider spread than theatre...but still.

Most to all people don't know who the heck Zoe Caldwell is...let alone that she's won 4 Tony Awards...4! The record's 6! Most people wouldn't know that Anthony LaPaglia has won a Tony and an Emmy! And Judy Davis and all her Emmies...she's got a stack...oblivion.