Life! Don't talk to me about life! ~ theatre notes

Friday, May 22, 2009

Life! Don't talk to me about life!

Actually, you can if you like; but Ms TN can't quite believe how difficult it's been to get to the blog this week. I'm still intending to write about Gatz, which bothered me in so many ways that rants have been rising in my head like clouds of bats, and now the to-do list has been lengthened by the seductively charming dance/physical theatre pieces Clickety Clack and Aroi at Theatreworks (go see). At this point, I can't see either happening before early next week... as long as I don't plan to sleep between now and then.

This isn't, mind you, a complaint. The gods are being kind and life is good. Keep chatting amongst yourselves, and focus will be had when life stops getting in the way.

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