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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Australian Theatre forum

Posting will probably be a little light over the next few days, as I am attending the Australian Theatre Forum. This is a gigantic event which will gobble all my waking hours over the next three days, and the first thing of its kind to happen here for more than two decades. It's described as "a unique gathering of Australia's theatre practitioners, producers, presenters and commentators to explore the urgent issues of our time and imagine possible futures for the Australian theatre sector". There's obviously an enormous desire among practitioners for dialogue: there are 240 attendees from all over Australia and from all areas of theatre, and that's not counting the waiting list.

I'm an official respondent, and in some dauntingly distinguished company. Respondents are apparently "theatre luminaries". (From now on all Ms TN's correspondence is to be addressed to "Your Luminariousness" - or possibly, "Your Luminosity". And I expect our power bills to diminish considerably.) Respondents are there to promote general talkativeness, an aim of which I approve, so I will do my best. I'm taking a big notebook and plan to report back when I can.

After that, I'm off to Sydney for a couple of days, among other things to see Elevator Repair Service's lauded show, Gatz, at the Sydney Opera House.

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Anonymous said...

You should get together with Our Luminous Cate.

They could run the power main off you and save the environment.