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Friday, March 27, 2009

Before I forget...

I should have been on the quivive, as I'm a member of the Companies panel ... but better late than never. The 2008 Green Room Awards nominations were announced yesterday. The Green Rooms cover musicals, theatre, dance, opera, cabaret, independent and mainstream theatre. There's also something called "alternative/hybrid performance" which I'd just call "theatre", but you know me. Given the cross-over nominations in other categories, the hybrid category tells you a lot about the present fluidity of theatrical form since the good old days - not so long ago, actually - when things were neatly divided between "fringe" and "mainstream". A quick trawl is a reminder of what a rich year 2008 was for Melbourne performance lovers, and also gave me a few pangs in reminding me of what I missed. Big winners in theatre are the Malthouse, with 24 awards in total across four categories, with the MTC coming in with 18.


debroah said...

You might be interested in reading the Theater J (Washington DC) blog/discussion on their public readings of Carol Churchill's 'Seven Jewish Children' - put on by their wonderful Artistic Director, Ari Roth:

and the Washington Post article:

Alison Croggon said...

Thanks for that, Debroah - it led me to some other links too - some fascinating and timely discussion is happening over there.