Spamalot ~ theatre notes

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Not my area really, but I wrote a piece about the closure of Spamalot for the Guardian theatre blog pages, which seems to be resulting in a debate about the worth of reading about Australian theatre in England. A question that makes me feel a little aggressive...


TimT said...


(So early in the morning, am reduced to muttering incoherently)

Anonymous said...

I taped a Melvyn Bragg Southbank Show about Spamalot off Foxtel a fortnight ago, so I was interested enough to do that but the first I knew it was on in Aust. was when I read last week it was closing. I'm in Sydney so you wouldn't expect as much publicity in Melbourne but I was surprised *nothing* about it got on my radar. You would think Spamalot is a perfect internet geek buzz candidate. Maybe I have just been more than usually oblivious!