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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Round the sphere

It's been a while since I've done a round-up of interesting blog posts. Mea culpa: I've always said that the real point of blogging is the network and conversation. My excuse is that my three lives are all a bit out of control at the moment: besides the usual theatre work, there's the 2020 Summit and a couple of other interesting possibilities; the imminent Australian re-release of my fantasy series, which now have nice new jackets based on the lovely English titles, if somewhat more airportish. (I used to make jokes about writing books with my name in raised gold lettering: well, I'm almost there. These have raised silver lettering. I am a real author! The only thing wrong with the new books is that somehow I missed a booboo in my bio, and it turns out that I am married to David Keene. My other husband is a bit miffed.) As well, on my dining table is the intimidatingly large proof of the final book, The Singing, due out in June. And I'm also planning a poetry tour of the UK in June, of which more later.

But that's enough about me. Below is a brusque list of links to a few of the blogposts I've enjoyed reading recently, some a little belated:

* The ever-reliable George Hunka on Wagner and Beckett, jumping off the NY Met's production of Tristan und Isolde.

* Andrew Haydon on the various responsibilities inherent in theatre culture - making, seeing, writing.

* David Williams links to a bunch of his thoughtful reviews of recent work in Sydney.

* Another view of the Malthouse Theatre's Moving Target from Chris Summers.

* Ming-Zhu blogs her rehearsal process here and here.

* Chris Boyd tells Odette to jump in the lake after seeing Swan Lake six times. (I love Chris. I never really understand what he's talking about).

* Lyn Gardner defends theatre producers on the Guardian's theatre blog.

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