TN blanks out ~ theatre notes

Thursday, February 08, 2007

TN blanks out

This by way of apology. Yes, Ms TN has had a horrendous fortnight. My excuses are extreme financial panic, the beginning of the school year and something that is either hayfever or a distant cousin of bird flu. (Wren flu? It makes me sneeze two dozen times in a row every night at precisely 9pm. Very embarrassing in a theatre. Also, large parts of my brain have gone missing. Have I thrown them away with my used tissues?) All this excitement has left me interestingly wan and unable to do much more than wiggle my fingers over the keyboard as I call feebly for the butler to bring me a snifter of brandy.

Chris Goode, poet at large and theatre wizard of notable musical taste, writes this kind of nonsense much better than I do; so while you're waiting for the two reviews delayed by my cerebral shortcomings (on the way, I promise), hare off to Thompson's Bank of Communicable Desire, where he speaks of many interesting things. Lately, Robert Wilson and Chris's recent visit to Sydney, where his show Kiss of Life was part of the Sydney Festival. He now has a President for his fanclub. Chris, meet Avi; Avi, Chris.


Avi said...

Thank you so much for the introduction. I searched high and low for a place to find Chris and now, thanks to you, I have. Very sorry to hear things are not great for you at the moment. They will get better. They have to. It's the rules.

Alison Croggon said...

Thanks Avi. Chris is a Good Bloke (and a very good poet, some of his more experimental theatre work is up at Masthead, so check it out) and deserves a president for his fan club. Sadly, I have only seen him read poetry (electrifying) and not seen his theatre, which somehow seems a little odd. Maybe not.

Things are actually better already. Just that once they get better, your body starts punishing you for subjecting it to so much stress. Can't win! Next week is looking even better still. If it goes on like that, I'll be beatified by Christmas, though I'd settle for just finishing my bloody novel.