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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Round the web

Over in London, our favourite anonyme Theatre Worker has been doing some serious renovating. The indispensible Encore Theatre Magazine now has a hip new style and its very own domain name. It kicks off with an excellent overview of the Royal Court under Dominic Cooke's direction. Check it out, and then check out David Eldridge's report on the Court's production of The Seagull. TW might have reservations about this kind of hit programming, but some of us down here by the Antarctic, enviously reading rave after rave about this production, are feeling the tyranny of distance.

Closer to home, welcome to Nicholas Pickard, a Sydney arts journalist who has recently picked up the blogging baton and is whipping up (presumably with said baton) a tasty froth of news, reviews and commentary that already looks promisingly useful for southern types who don't get to the Harbor City as often as they would like. And welcome too to Chloe Veltman, the chief theatre critic of SF Weekly, (that's San Francisco, bozos, not Isaac Asimov), who is demonstrating with her class blog that she's a class act.

And lastly - well, it's got nothing to do with theatre, but what the hell. It made me laugh. A spoof on mediaeval hi-tech.

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