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Monday, September 25, 2006

Notable Misses

First on the list is Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, now being performed by Eleventh Hour. This is a real miss - guys, I really tried to get there, but family problems last Wednesday and being buggerised around by public transport on Friday meant that my attempts were ill-starred. It features a very good cast, including Greg Stone and David Tredinnick, and I have heard wonderful reports. On at the Eleventh Hour Theatre at 170 Leicester St, Fitzroy, until October 7. Bookings 9419 5649.

And this Wednesday begins the mayhem of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. What can I say? I'll be getting along to a couple of events, but there's more, more, more...all I can suggest is that you scan your program and fill your diary. Even the most die-hard theatre goer will be pushing it to see everything here. Any suggestions on must-sees?


pb said...
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Chris Boyd said...

A ripper opened last night at Red Stitch. Not part of Fringe, but still...

It's a recent play from Mark O'Rowe of Howie The Rookie fame -- a play that put the steel cap into kick-arse -- it's called Crestfall.

This one is more ambitious and more confident than Howie, though not quite as good. More poetic, less funny.

Great physical production of a violent and bleak little story told by three women. Some terrific performances.

This one was premiered by Gate Theatre in 2003 and might have been part of a cruel theatre season. (Haven't checked that tho!)