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Friday, September 08, 2006

Notable misses

As I keep saying ad nauseam, I can't get to everything I'd like to see. So I'm going to do the obvious thing and institute a regular column in which I selectively list current productions that catch my eye and that, were I three people, I would be excitedly attending. Any readers who make these shows - or who have recommendations of their own - are welcome to add their own comments.

Definitely worth a look is Rageboy by emerging playwright and "verbose young punk" Declan Greene. Directed by Susie Dee (Tower of Light, Melbourne Workers Theatre, Berggasse 19) and with a fine production crew and cast, Greene's play was commissioned by the Union House Theatre, which has a tradition of supporting new work - writers they've supported include Lally Katz, Angus Cerini and Joanna Murray-Smith.

On at the Guild Theatre, Union House, University of Melbourne, until September 16. Bookings 8344 7447.

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JillWrites said...

Ah, if only I were not 9800 miles away.

(Though one of these days, Lally will find me upon her sofa, and I will get to see some Melbourne theater, actually in Melbourne. Not just NYC festivals.)