Black is the new black ~ theatre notes

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Black is the new black

This morning I turned on my computer and it delivered me a black screen. I have been speaking nicely to it, but it seems to have suffered some kind of existential crisis and refuses to emerge from terminal depression. (Forgive the pun, but you have to laugh, eh?) Yes, I scrubbed clean my back up thingy the other day, for unrelated reasons; but I think all is not lost. It had better not be.

Suggestions that this expresses with ironic exactitude the present state of my being can be sent on the back on an envelope by snail mail. Meanwhile, please excuse my temporary absence from the cyberwaves.


Troubador said...

"I scrubbed clean my back up thingy the other day"??

Can you be a little less technical please?

Alison Croggon said...

Apologies, Troubador. Sometimes the geekspeak takes over, and, well, what can you do?