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Saturday, March 03, 2012

House notices

Ms TN is heading up to Sydney tomorrow to participate in Belvoir St's upcoming Sunday Forum on Reviewing Theatre: In Print and Online. My fellow panelists, moderated by The Chaser's Chris Taylor, are Chris Hook (The Daily Telegraph), Elissa Blake (The Sun Herald), Jane Simmons (Shit on Your Play) and Darryn King (Time Out Sydney). Me, I'm hoping for more light than heat, but we'll see how events unfold. 3pm, Belvoir St, free but bookings essential.

I'll be taking a couple of days out in Sydney - yay - and then I'll be back in the saddle. Come Wednesday I'm starting a new novel, which means I'll be on the 2000-word-a-day treadmill for the next three months. (Deadline: June.) I'll still be regularly at the theatre - I can't seem to stop - but I have to be realistic about what I can see and write about: a review takes a lot of hours and a lot of brainspace. This in turn means that I'll be firmly saying no to many companies which otherwise I would like to see. Be patient with me, folks, and remember that this novel malarky is how I make my living.

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