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Monday, August 02, 2010

Stuff online

Recently I guest-edited the poetry for Cordite's Creative Commons issue. Today it goes live online, and it's well worth a browse. More, after you've read the poems, you can download them, remix and resubmit. Check out too the forum on creative commons, with meditations on pressing issues of intellectual copyright from Susan Hawthorne, Patrick Jones and others, the mini-feature on the superb British poet Peter Larkin, and Louis Armand's essay on John Kinsella.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, the Australian today publishes my review of the mega-musical Mary Poppins, which opened at Her Majesty's last week.


Miss Ethel Malley said...

One wouldn't be seeing Mary Poppins in a fit, but I was expecting some mention of Matthew Bourne's involvement after his world beating Swan Lake. Is the choreography inevitably without distinction, or was there the proverbial par that gets cut by the subs for space?

I just wish we still sometimes had real musicals - without chandeliers, helicopters, or self actualising witches - but with Rodgers and Hart songs.

Alison Croggon said...

All uncut this time, Miss Ethel, so it's my oversight. The choreography was, as you might expect, spectacular: there was a nice moment where Bert tapped up the sides and the ceiling of the stage. And those songs really are classics. Nothing wrong with a bit of spectacle in the diet. I think MP's worth a gander, although myself I probably wouldn't pay $130 a ticket. When you consider the ticket prices for the McKellen Waiting for Godot, though, it's certainly value for money...