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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving house

Rather unexpectedly, the Croggon-Keene clan is upping stakes and moving. Always, of course, the risk of renting, but over the past 11 years in Casa Williamstown we'd kind of forgotten. We are feeling upbeat about it - it's always good to reinvent yourself - but a decade in the same house means, for this hoardish family, a daunting pile of books, toys, DVDs, CDs, endless files of paper, and several hundred miscellaneous objects that now has to be sorted into some sort of sanity. (I only just realised we have a dozen bikes in the shed. I can't even ride a bike.) Ms TN will be covered in dust for at least the next fortnight, so expect things to be quiet here.

At least I managed to finish the last of a series of commissioned essays - this one on nationalism and Australian theatre for Overland - before the hurricane hit. And I'm thanking the gods for small mercies.

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Eric Sykes said...

Good to see a woman in the lodge and a black man with a decent theatre budget both on the same day. Enjoy the move.