Running behind myself ~ theatre notes

Friday, May 21, 2010

Running behind myself

Ms TN just realised that she has driven herself nose-first into a large furrow in the ground. In practical terms, this means that writing anything sensible is presently way beyond my capacity. So: a holding note. If you want to see some theatre, get out to the Next Wave Festival, which is causing all sorts of exclamations around the traps. For my part, last night I went to see Hole in the Wall at the North Melbourne Arts House, which is an astounding experiential interrogation of domestic space. It closes this Saturday, so be quick. I hear that Moth at the Malthouse is sold out, and the only way to get a ticket is to hang out at the box office and beg. (I'd say it's worth the chance.) And I believe The Ugly One is also selling fast, and the MTC has scheduled extra performance. All are most certainly worth your time. And mine in writing about them, which I swear I will.

I might add that the recent proliferation of sold-out performances in the smaller venues around town speaks volumes.


Anonymous said...

There's also Yumi Umiamare's show Trans-Mute at the guild theatre. Really crazy mix of Butoh and cabaret

Anonymous said...

I think Threepenny Opera, the Malthouse and Victorian Opera co-production, is also selling very fast.

Alison Croggon said...

I'm not surprised. After Elizabeth, in particular, I began to look forward to it immensely. And then there's record-busting box office for Richard III. It's like the whole town has gone theatre crazy.