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Friday, January 15, 2010


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Anonymous said...


As a Nigerian prince I have read your blog with much great interest. It is both entertaining and informative, something that is quite rare! Because of this I wish to tell you of wonderful new drug that I have found to help with CD (Critical Dysfunction).

Many theatre critics have embarrassing problem of fall asleep during plays, but with NoDoz these are problems of the past, and no one need know! Just 20mg of caffeine tablet will keep you alert for hours! It is like Viagra for critics!

You can buy these from my site for cheap price of $12.99.

Please do keep good work up!

Alison Croggon said...

Many thanks, Prince Kamara. I have read your heartbreaking missive with deep attention and am at once forwarding my bank account details, passport number and ASIO file for your perusal. Delighted my blog lights up your life. Love, Alison

Challenging Duelism said...

Prince Kamara,

If only I'd visited your website before witnessing the performance of Laughter is my Agenda, by the crown prince of London, Nigeria; H.R.H Stephen K Amos, esq.

For a paltry $12.99 I could have had 1/3 of the entertainment. I could have also bought a bag of fair trade organic beans which may have lasted a few days, but meh, why quibble over the pennies?

We are royalty and all that balderdash.

Cheerio my good sir,
H.R.H Mary Jane Piper

P.S. Alison, the palatial offices of the interwebz are engaged with serious bizness that has advanced technamalogiklee and we are now at series number 2s of teh lulz