Fabulous women ~ theatre notes

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fabulous women

My paean to the women on our stages is in today's Australian. And yes, it was a hard list to make.


declan greene said...

this is cool
to be honest though
actors.... kind-of get enough kudos

i'd actually love to see a list of incredible female directors/theatre-makers/devisors

Anonymous said...

I agree Declan.

remembereringgiap said...

how this list does not mention the sublime margaret cameron is beyond me

from her work with one of the few directors of real talent who have ever worked in australia, rex cramphorn - to her meditative monologues - she has brought something very unique to that culture

her absence from your list is for me, then - a mystery

Alison Croggon said...

I'm absolutely for the sublime Margaret Cameron, RG. And yes, with Declan here too (although I'd say only some actors get kudos, and on the other hand, actors are commonly dismissed as interpreters of art, rather than artists themselves). If I had been writing such a list for the blog - which I'm unlikely to do, since for reasons which ought to be obvious I find them problematic exercises - it would have been a different kind of thing. I did my best in the parameters of the exercise, which was a commission for a mainstream newspaper. Among other things, that meant I had to stick to main stages, and to people working now. On the plus side, it was nice to write about a bunch of women because of their talent and achievements, rather than because of their celebrity/beauty/connection to a famous man.