Be a Wretch ~ theatre notes

Monday, February 23, 2009

Be a Wretch

Ms TN is having lively dialogues with her brain, which have currently gone into arbitration. Viz.: said brain refuses to go to work. While I await the results of said arbitration, which I'm hoping will be swift and brutal, let me recommend a visit to La Mama to see Angus Cerini's latest creation, Wretch, which among other attractions features Cerini and Susie Dee on stage together. Review to follow once the parties in my skull reach agreement.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison,

I cannot wait for the outcome of said arbitration. I wonder what it is that is holding you back; a Michael Kirby cerebellum preparing a lengthy dissent, perhaps?

I saw this show and was in awe. Take a look at my review if you get the chance - - very interested to compare it with your thoughts! Plus, check out the BBC Kane doco if you haven't already (link is on the page).


- Chris.

Alison Croggon said...

Thanks Chris - I'm glad you liked the show too! I will read yours once I hammer out this damn review. Like pulling teeth, I believe the phrase is. Sometimes it feels like the mountain labouring to put forth a mouse...Not to mention the panic that sets in when I then look at my diary! But opining is duly on the way. Thanks for the Kane pointer, too.