One week in... ~ theatre notes

Friday, October 17, 2008

One week in...

...and taking a breather today. I'll catch up with DJ Spooky's Terra Nova Sinfonia Antarctica (hypnotically beautiful) and Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass's The Book of Longing (my mother would have loved it) tomorrow. Tim Crouch's England and some others will have to wait until my reviews appear in the Australian on Monday.

Almost at the half way mark, the Croggon tally is a total of 13 shows. For what it's worth, the breakdown on the TN pleasure scale so far is quite top-heavy:

Totally awesome: 3
I wouldn't have missed for anything: 5
Deeply interesting or fun: 2
Indifferent: 1
Honourable failure: 1
Dismaying disappointment: 1

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