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Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Author business

It's Sunday, enough excuse to be bloggishly personal... Ms TN's week as an Author has left me feeling a little (as Bilbo said to Gandalf) like butter spread over too much bread, although I've been fortunate enough to have been doing a double act with the charming Toni Jordan. I've been wearing my populist hat: I've been touring for the Books Alive reading campaign, for which The Gift is one of "50 Books You Can't Put Down", and I've been developing serious muscles lugging various editions of my BFFB (Big Fat Fantasy Books) around the state. I have a quieter week this week, although I'm looking forward to The Villainelles, which includes musical settings of some of my poems, at North Melbourne Arts House and a garden party at Government House. Then, after a swift trip to Sydney to talk BFF at the Mosman Library, I enter Slim Volume territory and become an Arts Elitist: I'm talking about poetry and theatre and even reading some poems of my own at the Melbourne Writers Festival. I'll remind you of these dates and some other interesting MWF theatre titbits closer to the time.

And I've been doing media. Oh yes. Toni and I were big in Saturday's Warrnambool Standard. And yesterday, in a bizarre synchronicity, I appeared in the Age twice. I was a Writer in the My Space column (not online, alas, otherwise you could read fascinating details about the objects I keep on my desk) and then, twirling my moustache, I had a bit part as the Mean Crrritic in a profile of Joanna Murray-Smith. I'm beginning to wonder how many hats I can put on before they cause an avalanche of millinery. I'll be back to what passes for normal in September, and polishing my eyeballs in preparation for the 2008 Melbourne Festival. Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

An avalanche of millinery!

Caryl Churchill would be proud.

Anonymous said...

The mean critic hat suits you. Keep wearing it. I hadn't realised Joanna hyphen was married to Raymond Gill. I think that puts your own supposed conflicts of interest in the shade by a long shot...

Alison Croggon said...

Ok, I'll keep twirling that moustache and cape.

Heh. I made a sharp comment to the journalist (when I was queried, re Craven's attack on me, about my marriage to Daniel) that unlike some others, I am always absolutely upfront about my personal connections. Maybe that's why that fact was in the article. I've never seen it mentioned in the Age before.