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Friday, July 11, 2008

Three Men in a Bottle

This might displease Diana Simmonds, who thinks that it's outrageous that I speak about my husband's work (hey Diana, last I looked, journalists with conflicts of interests are not prevented from writing in those areas: they are required to declare them, so as not to mislead people about their provenance. And even my harshest critics have to admit that I couldn't have declared my interests more, well, openly). And here I am, being Keene's most "passionately biased", one-eyed and presumably lonely supporter - all those mainstage European productions and critical raves count for nothing, apparently - mentioning his work again! Hsssss!

Anyway, a reading of one of this Keene lad's comic plays, Three Men in a Bottle, is on this Sunday at the CUB Malthouse, as part of the Things on Sunday series. It's a cast to die for - Robert Menzies, Kym Gyngell, Julie Forsyth, Monica Maughan, Chloe Armstrong and Mark Constable, under the direction of Kate Davis, rising young directorial star of The Rabble. Should be a hoot. 2.30 pm this Sunday, July 13, bookings (03) 9685 5111. Tickets $10.

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