On a less gloomy note ~ theatre notes

Friday, May 23, 2008

On a less gloomy note

I forgot to mention, until reminded by my publisher this morning, that composer Andrée Greenwell's chamber outfit Villainelles last night performed settings of poems by me, Jordie Albiston and Kathleen Mary Fallon as part of the Sydney Writers Festival. (You might remember Greenwell as the composer behind Venus & Adonis.) Wish I'd been there. And the charming poetry ezine Pirene's Fountain showcases my work in its new issue, released today.


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to catch Villainelles last night.

Lovely work all round and some of Andree's best music ever. Fingers crossed that it gets another life or two (I predict it will).

Congrats to all concerned.

Alison Croggon said...

Thanks Abe - I'm glad you were there. I love the settings that I've heard, and maybe it will have another life that I can attend!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear of it. Just before leaving Australia (in 2000) I heard Andree Greenwell's LAQUIEM at the Studio (Sydney Opera House), which set Kathleen Mary Fallon's text to music and featured among others, the unforgettable gravel-and-whisky gravitas of Claire Grant's speaking voice. I loved this performance--text, music, concept--so much and it's great to know Andree's work is still out there.