Knuckling down ~ theatre notes

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Knuckling down

Little Alison has to get some serious work done in one of her other lives, or she will be pursued by angry editors bearing meathooks. So TN may be a bit quieter this week. Before I weld myself to the desk, let me introduce you - if you haven't struck it already - to playwright-about-town Sam Sejavka's extraordinary new blog, Sails of Oblivion. Like Mr Sejavka himself, it defies categorisation or any such mimsy limitations, but the blogosphere is the richer for his darkly chaotic presence. Also, he offers some handy hints on making a piñata that works.

And while you're at it, check out Carl Nilsson-Polias's blog, which I'm ashamed to say has not swum my way before, since he's been writing it since 2001. It's chockful of reviews, fascinating meditations and even interviews - for you many fans, the interview with MIAF favourite Jérôme Bel is a must-read.

Meanwhile, over at The Arcades Project and on the Guardian blogsite, Andy Fields teases out more on the politics of theatre (on which there is a most interesting convo below, with I hope more to come) and Mr Superfluities George Hunka buys into the form/politics question with some thoughts of his own about tragedy - "in exploration itself is political meaning". And while the conversation is boiling, Postcards from the Gods bod Andrew Haydon has another Guardian post asking stern questions about private sponsorhip. That should keep you all out of trouble. Or get you into it. Depending.


Unknown said...

Dearest Alison, thanks for the rave. Now, the mystery of the sudden burst of readership is solved. I don't know if you remember, but you helped me build the courage to actually getup there and blog.

Alison Croggon said...

Hi Sam - If I can take credit, then I will! Very glad people are reading. I loved the story of the chairs, btw. It sounds like the kind of event it is better to read about than to attend...