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Friday, June 15, 2007

Recent conversations

Over at Mink Tails, Ming-Zhu is hosting an interesting conversation about, well, all sorts of things - Melbourne theatre in the 80s and 90s, what's happening now, and so on. Among her concerns is the - to me - abidingly fascinating question of form. Tootle over and say your piece, and distract Ming still further from her grant applications.

Meanwhile, I recently promised some of you all sorts of revelations about the Melbourne Festival, blithely forgetting all about the July 17 press embargo. I attended the press briefing yesterday and now have the good oil; but being a polite sort, I try not to break embargoes. All I can say is that I plan not to sleep when MIAF rolls around. To me it looks like a program with depth and shape. It also extends in very interesting ways the abiding political engagement with the world that has characterised both Archer's and Edmunds' programming. I'll blog my highlights when it's official.


Born Dancin' said...

The embargo is July 17, I think. Don't want you on anyone's blacklist, Alison!

Born Dancin' said...

Oh and for the record - I don't think anyone with the slightest interest in the arts will be sleeping this festival.


Alison Croggon said...

Thanks Born Dancin' (Whacks self on head for being hopeless once again...I seem to be crumbling - I can't even read! Or maybe I'm just fizzing with impatience...) Copy now suitably amended!

Yes, it looks pretty wow to me.

richardwatts said...

Well one of the cats is already out of the bag, due to cool Icelandic cats Sigur Ros noting in their e-newsletter that they're touring to Melbourne to perform as part of MIAF. I note from the program for Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces for the next six months that Jonsi, the band's lead singer, will also be exhibiting there during the festival. Wow, indeed!