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Friday, May 11, 2007

Street theatre

Scene: Coles New World, Douglas Parade, Williamstown, around 10.30am this morning. Shoppers, dogs, people gossiping, etc.

Two YOUNG MEN suddenly slam open the supermarket's emergency exit, setting off all the alarms, and bolt into Douglas Parade. They are carrying a blue freezer bag. About fifty open-mouthed shoppers stare as they skid around the corner and bundle into a bright yellow car, in which they make a screaming getaway. Some shoppers are manifestly amused, others are noting down the car's model and number plate, and still others are calling the police.

I guess they got caught in Melbourne Road around five minutes later. What I want to know is, what did they steal from Coles?

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Avi said...

whatever it is, at least the thieves kept it cold. Good on them for bringing a freezer bag, I say. If you're going to commit daylight robbery, at least make it worth your while - otherwise the ice cream would melt as you were making a getaway. And that'd be a shame, right?