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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


After writing my 2000 words yesterday, something went ping in my brain. So I did a long-planned overhaul of my blogroll, which is now on a separate page with a whole lot of other handy theatrical links that wouldn't fit in my crowded sidebar. Lots of new blogs (note the embryonic Asian section, which I hope mitigates a little the dominant Anglophilia) and links to theatres and online media. While I'm at it, I might as well point you to the Review page, which lists every single review and essay that's been posted on TN since 2004, and is quite a handy way of navigating the morass.


DL said...

pretty in pink !

Alison Croggon said...

It's my inner Barbie trying to get out.

(Did I really just say that? My god, I did...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Allison,
Finding your blog very interesting having just returned from living OS and now catching up with what's local again.
I notice you have an old comment from actor Alan Knoepfler. Been a fan for a long time (anyone remember "Prisoner"?).
I was told he'd given up acting. Any idea where he might be appearing next?

Geoffrey said...

Congratulations Alison. A body of work to be immensely proud of. Thank you for the inspiration and the quality of your work.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous,

I can report that Alan is alive and well and living in Melbourne. And still acting - he was most recently in Robert Draffin's strange and wonderful (but I felt ultimately unsuccessful) production of Mishima's 'The Damask Drum' with liminal theatre at the Abbottsford Convent (very interesting company and space to keep your eye out for in term's of what's local and pushing the boundaries). Where is Alan's comment located? He has recently become a friend - wasn't aware he was a dubdubdubber.

Also Alison, thanks for the plug and for adding us to the blogroll. We found out today the Drama school may not have the funds to print posters for the production, so web advertising may be all we have!

Your copy of 'The Perjured City' is in the mail. I have been slowly digesting 'The Laugh of the Medusa' in spare moments over the last couple of days. I generally get through a couple of pages before I have to wander off and try to digest this little piece, and come tentatively back the next day for another serve. Have you read it?


Alison Croggon said...

My pleasure, and thanks Geoffrey.

Yes, Mr Knoepfler is alive and well and kicking around Melbourne. I'm not sure what his performance plans are, though.

I've been a bad girl and haven't been to the PO, Ben,(What's a dubdubdubber?) but I will get there. On the other hand, the novel is whistling along. And no, sadly, I have not yet The Laugh of the Medusa, one of many many gaps...

Ellen F. Walker said...

Oops! My bad *anon*...Try Wendy Lady. 0:) Nice to meet you Ben and Allison.

A what????? A dubber? Sounds serious...*chuckle*

I'll check up via the MEAA some time: Old habits die hard.
I just have a fondness for green dragons.

Love your blog Allison and I'll be perusing it in an attempt to play catch up.

BTW Ben, Alan answered one of Allison's crits. in October 2005. Google his name.

Wendy Lady 0:)

Anonymous said...

www = dubdubdub; dubdubdubber = internet user. Sorry I just couldn't bring myself to use the verb 'surf' so I made it up. Diab(l)o(g)lical. OK, I really HAVE been reading too much Cixous.

No pressure on the snail mail Allison, I won't have time to read poetry for at least a week. My head is so full of words - I've just gone on break from a rehearsal room where we discussed whether an objective of one scene was "to theatricalize the traumatic internal rupture of the masculine self through the use of the psychoanalytical symbol of the mirror, suggesting the inevitable return of the repressed feminine". I have Kirsten von Bibra to thank for my headache. Lucky I love the pain.

As far as I know Alan is not working on any particular performance projects at the mo. We can only hope.


Ellen F. Walker said...

Thanks again Ben. 0:)
And also for the explanation! Maybe Ms. von Bibra needs to do some *dubbing*. There's more to life...

I'll follow up re Alan some time. I don't work in the theater, I'm in film/TV/media. Writer-producer.

As far as I know, Alan isn't on-line. I guess that makes him a non-dubber. Or something...

Don't shoot me Allison! I go to the theater for pleasure and to relax...we all gotta do that sometime! 0;)

Thanks again to you both for the info.

Wendy 0:)