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Friday, December 15, 2006

Exploding Melbourne blogs

Metaphorically speaking, of course...

A number of new theatre blogs - mainly by theatre practitioners - are crossing my screen, and it occurs to me that Melbourne at last has something that could legitimately be called a theatrical blogosphere (ok, you think of of a better term). How things have moved on since I began TN, when my announcement that I had started a blog elicited blank stares of bewilderment.

Lauren at Credible Witness has overcome the terror of being seen and is quoting Beckett. And she leads me to Vlad at the excellently named Cowboy Mouth. And Rhys at Stop Panicking - Suck Your Thumb (ok...) has opened up shop as well. Welcome, one and all.

Meanwhile, Ming-Zhu at Mink Tails is logging some thoughtful posts after the storms of the past weeks. Check the sidebar for other local blogs, and then scroll down for some international conversation.

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Lauren said...

Thanks for the recognition and welcome Alison!!