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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Review: Simple Gifts

My review of George Ogilvie's autobiography Simple Gifts, published by Currency House, was broadcast today on ABC Radio National's The Book Show today. Audio and transcript here.

Worth listening to on the same program is Frank Moorhouse's talk on The Writer in a Time of Terror, in which he ruminates on freedom of speech (or the increasing lack of it) in Australia.

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Paul Martin said...

Ogilvie sounds like an interesting person and I related to his comments about freedom and censorship (something I'm passionate about).

I can relate to your opening comments on the program about wanting to have dinner with the writer of a good book. It's how I feel about Michael Leunig and Alkinos Tsilimidos (both of whom I have met briefly) as well as David Lynch.

It's interesting to hear the voice of someone you have only communicated with online.