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Friday, July 28, 2006

Pigs in New York

Good to have news of local pigs kicking up their heels in New York. The inimitable George Hunka of Superfluities reports on Lally Katz, Chris Kohn and the rest of the Stuck Pigs Squealing gang, who this week did a showing of a work in progress at Richard Foreman's legendary Ontological-Hysteric Theatre.

Clearly George was charmed. But us Melburnians, we're charming, no?

This preview was the result of a collaboration with US writer Mac Wellman and other American artists, and the plan is to return to New York next year with the finished production. Meantime as a sidenote, I see that the Malthouse is producing a Richard Foreman play - Now That Communism is Dead My Life Feels Empty, directed by composer Max Lyandvert - as part of its most interesting upcoming spring season.

Addendum: Chris Kohn has posted in the comments a link to the Stuck Pigs' rehearsal blog, for those curious about what they've been doing over there...

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Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in what we were/are up to, we created a rehearsal blog for the NYC collaboration at www.stuckpigs.multiply.com. It has video, script excerpts, images and rehearsal notes.