Gadding about ~ theatre notes

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gadding about

I'm about to take my leave of Melbourne for three weeks as I head for the northern hemisphere to declaim my poems to hushed crowds in Cork, Ireland. I'll be one of 22 poets reading at the Soundeye Poetry Festival, one of the liveliest festivals of innovative poetries around. After that I'll be spending a few days in London and, just for contrast, I am doing a book signing at Harrods, the famed Knightsbridge department store, on July 18. Just why is beyond me, since Harrods seems to sell everything except books. Gordon Ramsay is appearing there too this month, but he is launching a new range of Royal Doulton, not a cookbook.... I am at once mystified and gratified, but I have to admit the snob value is immense.

My trip is funded by Copyright Agency Ltd, for which I thank them. I'll be back late July, and I hope it's less cold by then. Au revoir!


DL said...

See you soon !
Have fun on your world tour !!! How exciting !

Alison Croggon said...

Thanks Boo...I am looking forward to a break in the sun. My only fear is that the warm weather over there will vanish as soon as I step off the plane.