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Friday, May 05, 2006

Round the Blogs

I've just updated my Blogroll (scroll down the side panel) to add some great theatre blogs that have swum over my screen recently. So do check them out. And a few pointers - some belated - to what's been swirling in the blogosphere the past couple of weeks.

Mr Hunka over on Superfluities is a one-man Renaissance. Hurry over for a fascinating three part interview with musician Marilyn Nonken (available in full here); more thoughts on radical theatre from provocateur and necessary thinker Walter A Davis; a long and fascinating post on Peter Weiss; quotes from that stern old modernist Adorno, and more. Much more. The man makes me feel lazy.

Meanwhile over in Parabasis land, Isaac Butler has thoughts on directorial process which have sparked off various discussions (see Lucas Krech and Ian. W. Hill for some further thoughts). And over at the indispensible Playgoer, Garrett Eisler, indefatigable champion of free speech, is nose-down on the censorship trail with posts about Tony Kushner's controversial employment as a speech maker, the fall-out from the Rachel Corrie fuss (depressing), the ins and outs of theatre awards, and much else. Also, check out the comments on Theatre Notes' posting on Peter Handke's removal from a Comedie Francaise season for more on the censorship issue.

PS Doh! Almost forgot (perhaps because my recent pout makes me super aware, ahem, that this is close to home) that our very own Chris Boyd has posted Part Two of his interview with Daniel Keene.


Anonymous said...

You are far too kind, Ms. Croggon. Though as a Renaissance man I admit I do miss those Medici.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention and link, Alison. I'll try to keep it worthwhile.