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Friday, March 17, 2006

Round the blogs

In the beginning was the Word. Give something a name and lo! it exists...

The theatrical blogosphere is alive with discussion of something that's already called "the new lyricism" (thanks, Zay Amsbury). That means poetry in the theatre, folks, and that means I like it. George Hunka has a handy round up of the relevant reflections and discussions here. And it's fascinating.

And the NYTW furore has hit the bigtime - The Nation runs it as its lead story, with a useful backgrounding on all the issues surrounding the controversy and - for once - a proper acknowledgement of the part the blogosphere has played in this issue. For more on the press reactions, on new responses from people like Tony Kushner and others, and on continuing actions against the NYTW decision, check out The Playgoer, who has meticulously followed up every nuance of this affair, and Superfluities.

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