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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Harold Pinter

Looking up briefly to belatedly acknowledge Harold Pinter's Nobel Prize. Onya, Harold! Theatre Notes has the deepest admiration for Pinter's work, and a special regard for later plays like Mountain Language and Ashes to Ashes. He's a great poet of the theatre, even if we entertain profound reservations about Pinter's actual poetry.

You can hear Pinter's recent play Voices online, broadcast on BBC Radio 3 to mark his 75th birthday (thanks to George Hunka at Superfluities for the heads up - he also has some good Pinter commentary and links). Voices  is a collaboration between Pinter and composer James Clarke, and includes Roger Lloyd-Pack, Douglas Hodge, Andy de la Tour, Indira Varma and Harold Pinter himself in the cast. It's full of echoes of other plays like Ashes to Ashes; perhaps it's a peep inside Pinter's head. Link here.

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Born Dancin' said...

Has Mountain Language ever been locally produced? I was startled when I read it a few years back, and very much wanted to see how it could work on the stage. Worse, I wanted to see several productions so I could compare interpretations. Wishful thinking.