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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Because I should be writing my novel...

...I decided to do some ego-graphing. Different from, and hopefully more accurate than, the creative eco-graphing practised by Andrew Bolt and suchlike Climate Change Denialists, but just as pretty.

So look, here is the graph of TN's daily readership From The Beginning, circa 2004. It is similar to mean global temperatures from 1880, but has a cheerier subtext. TN has totalled 708,000 unique visitors! Admittedly, some of them were using search terms like "sex with animals" or even "croggon tits naked", but hell, some of them must have read something!

And here is the graph for the past year, with a total of 222,000 unique visitors, or an average of around 17,000 visitors a month. I know it's modest compared to the intertube superstars, but I used to distribute - by hand - a quarterly literary magazine that had a global circulation of 300, and so daily visits sometimes even spiking past 1000 seems a lot to me.

Which all proves that glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate, as asserted by my father's friend Jacka (educated like my father at the famous Camborne School of Mines) who actually goes to visit them.

Here endeth the lesson.


Anonymous said...

I average something like 700 visitors a month. To me you are a superstar!

Alison Croggon said...

I guess it's all goes to show that these things are relative, and that there's always something to make one feel small. Which seems like a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

I'll see your "croggon tits naked" and raise you a "bert newton paedophile" and "moon landing sex position".

Okay, the first part of that sentence came out not quite as I had intended it to...

I'm curious to know what happened on the day you got 1950 hits?

Alison Croggon said...

Hmm. Can't remember. But it was likely the Henson debacle.

Geoffrey said...

No. It was me during your shut-down period. But it's OK. The doctor gave me something for it.

They're fine stats. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alison,

Speaking of things you find yourself doing while you should be writing your novel, could I tempt you to go and see Nicola Gunn's 'At the Sans Hotel' down at Theatre Works in St Kilda?

I enjoyed your recent posts on 'Wrong Skin' and Moira Finucane's OTT piratically desirous hero-ine. I've seen both shows in the past ten days and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but for my money Nicola's show heads the trifecta. Chewing through the cocoon she made of La Mama for 'My Friend Scadenfreude', we follow the trail of Cornelia Rau and any number of other lost noir divas into the the wide open spaces of the Australian desert - or maybe we're just overhearing one long call she's making to herself on the Baxter payphone ... It's accomplished, well developed theatre from an important independent artist, the season finishes Saturday and it's apparently unlikely to get a review in the major dailies unless ... Help! Acomplished, well developed critic wanted! much more fun than whatever it is you thought you ought to be doing - promise.

Bad Angel (sorry, haven't got a Google account or if I have, I forgot the password long ago. But I do visit TN. Often.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo. Schadenfreude. Does that count as a Freudean slip?

Alison Croggon said...

Hi Bad Angel - I've already heard that, and from a few people. Thanks for posting on it - maybe others can get/have been there and share their reports. I can't do it, I really can't. (It's not getting a review in the major dailies? I'm really sorry to hear that - I know John Bailey saw and loved it, and I imagine he'll be writing something).

Going to the theatre is generally more fun than slogging at the desk, but Ms TN has to make a living like everyone else. I just can't cover everything, or even pretend to try. I make choices in advance, trying to strike a balance between interesting independent companies - I'm obliged to see main stage stuff - but hey. That's no compensation. I hope the rest of the season goes well.

George Hunka said...

"There's always something to make one feel small. Which seems like a very good thing."

Well, these numbers of yours compared to mine make me feel small indeed, Alison! How good that seems, I can't say.

Alison Croggon said...

Well, by themselves they mean sweet fa. I still think the quality of your postings are their own justification, George: and if that sounds harshly Platonic, it is. But it's also true.

Anonymous said...

I find the blog shere a difficult world to wrangle. Have I left a comment or did it dissappear into the ether?

Alison, let's get serious. I think it's fair to say that in Melbourne, we can tell what you'll like or dislike before it's opened. The relative merits of any production do not seem to be an influencing factor on the outcome.

I'm sorry that I've been out of town and out off touch for a month or two but to see you pillory the decision to award Andrew Bovell's play a green room award is a last straw.

Open up Alison. The emnity between your husband and Andrew must have influenced your decision. Please come clean Alison. Your reviews have become pat and that is a bad thing foir the entire sector


Alison Croggon said...

Bloody hell. Thanks Neil (Pigot, I presume?) for keeping me up with what the gossips of the town are reporting. How I wish it had some relation to fact, but fact is something gossip seldom bothers with.

I think from earlier correspondence you've always thought my reviews "pat", and (sigh) predictable, so what gives? They are no more nor less "pat" than they've ever been; the only change is that recently, because I have other commitments in my life, there have been fewer.

But the rest of your comment is, frankly, insulting bullshit. What enmity is that "between my husband and Andrew Bovell"? It's news to me, and I'm sure to my husband, unless there's something he's not telling me (unlikely). But even if there were, what would it have to do with me?

I can quite understand Andrew feeling some enmity for me, although speaking personally, I actually like the man, and as human beings, we have exchanged nothing but civil words. Whether I admire a person's work has nothing to do with whether or not I like them. Nor should it.

I know if might be difficult for some people to process, but my husband and I are quite different people. Even though he's a man, and I a mere woman, he certainly does not direct my taste.

I'll tell you what's bad for the "entire sector": the currency of this kind of malicious slander.

Just for future reference, I have comment moderation for posts older than two weeks, to control spam, which means they must have my approval before being published. It might help too to comment on the appropriate post.

Daniel Keene said...

Dear Neil,

What emnity? I've met Andrew Bovell only once in my life, and that was more than twenty years ago. We had a chat about this and that. As I remember, it was quite pleasant.

I can't tell you how offensive I find your remark about my 'influence' over my wife's decisions. It insults both of us. Perhaps you live in that kind of tawdry world, but frankly, you can go fuck yourself.

Daniel Keene